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Do you need to replace the ducts on your heater or air conditioner? Don Fox Heating & Cooling in Caledonia, NY offers sheet metal fabrication for duct-work purposes on residential heating and cooling systems. Since 1989, our family-owned and operated business has repaired air ducts on HVAC systems for residents in Avon, Dansville, Scottsville, Lima, LeRoy, Geneseo and Livonia and surrounding towns throughout Livingston, Wyoming, Monroe, and Genesee Counties.

Air ducts on your heating or air conditioning system are essential in getting the hot or cool air throughout every space of your home. However, if the air ducts are clogged or damaged, your system will have to put more effort in regulating your home’s temperature, which could raise your energy bill. When you count on ductwork from Don Fox Heating & Cooling, not only will you stay comfy during hot summers and cold winters, but you’ll also save money in the long run.



Metal Fabrication

The team at Don Fox Heating & Cooling specializes in using pre-insulated lightweight aluminum for duct-work, making the new ducts easy to install. We can custom cut and shear your ducts for a perfect fit on the seams of your heater or air conditioner. We have decades of experience with installing new air ducts on virtually every model of heating and air conditioning unit, so you can the duct-work you need, no matter what you own.

To request sheet metal fabrication for your heater or air conditioner’s air ducts, call (585) 294-2204.